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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New product testers needed.

Hey everyone,
I am looking for a few testers for new/redesigned products. If you are interested in being a tester and are selected, you must agree to give detailed feedback including photos of the item in use  to me through private correspondence. It is not permissible to blog about the product (until I have decided that the product will be in the Blissful Booty lineup) unless a request has been sent and has been accepted by me. It is also not acceptable to sell these items. If you would like to be a product tester, please leave a comment below with your first name, the weight of your baby, a VALID email address, and your diaper closure preference of all snap or all aplix along with your most used type of diaper (aio, fitted, pocket, prefold, flat, disposable, etc.) If you are selected I will email you at the email provided, if I do not hear back from you within 24 hours of sending the email a new tester will be selected. By commenting below you are agreeing to all requirements listed in this post for being a Blissful Booty product tester. I will comment on this post when all testers have been selected.
Thank you!


  1. Oh and obviously must be a follower of the Blissful Booty Buzz. :)

  2. Lori
    18 pounds (at 9 months old, he's skinny)
    All Snap
    We use pockets, hybrids, and fitteds/wool every day.

  3. My name is LoryAnn and I would love the chance to test your products. My son weighs 26lbs. We really don't have a preference between snaps and aplix. We just started cloth diapering so aside from disposables because our stash is so small we use pocket diapers the most. You can reach me at l_dog542 at yahoo dot com

  4. Crystal

    DS: approximately 30 pounds

    due with baby #2 beginning of October.

    snaps or velcro (your velcro is unique so I like it)

    We mostly use pockets and a few AIOs.

  5. Stacy
    15 pounds 4 1/2 months old

    snap closures. I typically use prefolds and pockets.

  6. my name is andrea, my son is 18-20 pounds. my email: i like both velcro/aplix and snaps (depends on the diaper)i used mostly prefolds and covers and some workhorse fitteds...i would love to try out a new diaper!

  7. Marina
    18 mos, 21 pounds
    snaps preferred.
    pockets during the day, fitteds at night, AIOs outside the home.

  8. Ashley
    20lbs 16mo & 33lbs 3yo boys
    Not picky about closure have mix of everything
    Normally use ai2 or pockets at home but use aio out and about

  9. Vashti
    19.5 lbs 13 months
    snap closure mostly and we use AIO/AI2 the most (but have some pf's & covers, pockets)

    hun423 at

  10. Hi there! I'd love to product test! I have an active 6 month-old who really puts things through its paces!

    CJ is 17 lbs

    We typically use pockets at home, hybrid AI2s at daycare, and fitted with covers at night.

  11. Em

    16 lbs 2 1/2 months old
    37 lbs 16 months old

    Velcro or preference

    Little one gets flats, older gets pockets and prefolds.


  12. Nikki
    My son is 24lbs
    We use both snaps and velcro
    We use mostly pockets, fitted, and prefolds. Depends on the day and whats planned.

  13. Oh I'd love to be a tester! I've just started building up my stash and getting serious about CDing and I'm loving it!
    12 pounds
    Snaps (But fine with aplix if need be, totally not picky!)
    I use AIOs, pockets, prefolds, and disposable severyday.

  14. My DD Charlotte weighs a little over 16 lb.
    I prefer snaps.
    Mostly using pocket diapers but interested in trying new styles to see what works best.
    Thanks for the opprtunity!

  15. My name is Felicia and I have a little girl who is slightly over 17 lbs.
    I prefer snaps but we have some aplix too.
    We use pockets, fitteds, AIOs and prefolds.

  16. Rachel
    My 18 month old weighs 26lb
    My 7 week old is about 13lb
    I prefer snaps
    I use mostly AIO and pockets on my 18 month old and pockets/fitteds/prefolds on my 7 week old but my favorites are my AIO's and my pockets.

    richardrachel at hotmail dot com

  17. Rebecca

    10lbs 12oz. (6weeks old)

    Velcro or snaps (no preference)

    we use AIO diapers & prefolds/covers.

    shabbychicmomma at gmail dot com

  18. Becca
    boy - almost 15 pounds
    snaps or aplix is fine; we use both (to be honest, I use both, husband can't figure the snaps out...)
    we use pockets so i can super stuff them for overnight; the only AIO I have is a blissful booty that is getting too small :( I LOVE it though!
    beccascott0312 at gmail dot com

  19. i would love to be a tester!

    i have a 28lb 2 yr old daughter and a 13Lb 2 month old son, our preferences are all snaps. and we use mostly flats/covers and OS pockets, both are very versatile for sizes so can be used for both!

    burd_k at hotmail dot com

  20. My name is Kimberly.
    My daughter is 8 mo and about 21 lbs.
    I like snaps but don't mind aplix.
    We use pockets but don't mind trying aio's or fitteds. (I failed at prefolds)

  21. Heather

    Son: 21 months & 26 pounds

    Son #2: Due in 4 weeks! :)

    We use pockets most of the time (but have a little of everything for the newbie) and prefer snaps


    thetreehugginmomma at gmail dot com

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  23. My name is Jennifer. Just got your email for this blog so hope I'm not late. My baby is about 14 lbs, will find out exact weight August 2nd at her 6 month checkup. We like snaps mostly and use pockets primarily with the exception of prefolds and covers at night. Looking for a good cover though since our prefolds are a bit bulky. Pockets are go-to for daytime.
    Jenncoleregis at gmail dot com

  24. Kristin
    21 lbs (7 months)
    fitteds, pockets or AIOs

  25. I'd love to be a tester!

    Our guy is approximately 15-16 lbs.

    We are loving fitted with covers (but anything cloth goes!)

    I like aplix (but we do have some snaps)


  26. Oh James and I are so down to be testers lol. He is 30 lbs at 18 months, we prefer snaps as James can take aplix off. We mostly use pocket diapers but we do have a very random diaper stash. (AIO, fitteds, prefolds, etc)


    Thank you for the opportunity!

  27. Megan
    22 pounds (8 months)
    mostly pockets, fitteds with cover

  28. Sarah
    22 lbs (7 months)
    32 lbs (2.5 yrs)
    snap closure
    mostly use: flats and pockets
    knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

  29. My name is Cathy. I would love to test your diapers. I have a 20 lb. 9 month old boy and a 35 lb. 2 year old boy. I am open to both snaps and aplix, as we use both and like both. We use pockets and flip diapers equally. My e-mail is I follow Blissful Booty Buzz through e-mail.

  30. Heather


    snap or aplix

    mostly use flats with covers

    heather.schweich (at) gmail (dot) com

  31. I'd love to be a tester!

    ~25lbs at 18months (working on #2)
    Snaps preferred-Mackenzie has figured out aplix!
    We're a pocket/AIO family here :)

  32. I would love to test for you, I have two in diapers,
    17lbs and 31lbs
    Snap or aplix
    Pocket diapers, recently fitted
    Susan 23@

  33. I would love to be a tester!!
    Ashley 9-10lbs 1 month old
    Snap preferred but love aplix too
    Pockets or AIO/AI2

  34. Elisha
    My son is 27 pounds and will be 2 years old in a few weeks. In case it is helpful for you to know, his size large Blissful Booty diapers fit him great.

    We have no preference for snaps or velcro, and we do currently use both. We use flats and covers at home and AIOs and pockets for daycare.

  35. Virginia
    32 lbs. but very tall and skinny.
    pocket diapers are all I have tried, but looking into AIO's and fitteds.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Kiyomi
    I have a 4 month old EBF nearly 20lbs boy.
    I like snaps but hubby needs aplix (he can't figure out snaps)
    I use pockets when out and other places. Fitted/prefolds and trainers at home (we do part time ECing).
    I can be reached at:
    kmonkey13 at yahoo dot com

  38. My name is Paola and I have two beautiful girls in diapers!!
    2 year old weighing 23lbs
    6 week old weighing a little over 9lbs
    I'm still building up my stash for both girls but we have mostly pockets, some fitteds (WAHM and bumgenius) and flats with covers (WAHM and fleece) and some WAHM size and sized...
    No preference with closures.
    My email p_lopez at yahoo dot com

  39. Hi, I'm Judy. My Bambino is about 16lbs.

    We prefer snaps. Almost all of our diapers are pocket diapers.


    judy at overtiredmommy dot com

  40. Rachel

    17 month 26 lb daughter
    3 1/2 yr old 39 lb daughter wears diapers at night

    We prefer snaps - but velcro is fine too.

    We use mostly pockets, but also use fitteds, prefolds, AI2s, and AIOs.

    annie8cu at yahoo dot com

    :-) :-)

  41. Would love to be a tester for you!

    He's probably 17ish pounds now.
    Snaps are great!
    We use a lot of pockets, or fitteds with inserts.

  42. I would love to be a product tester for you.

    I have different styles of diapers at home (aio/ai2/prefolds/fitted) both with snaps and aplix. I'm open to anything.

    Baby is due any day now and would be tested on a newborn. Please let me know if you are interested as I think this would be a great opportunity.

  43. *my son is 34lb & 3 yr old
    *Prefer snaps over aplix
    *We have been using fitteds lately
    *ziggy28028 at yahoo dot com

  44. My DD is 1 year old & approx 24 lbs & 33 in (she has a long torso)
    we prefer snaps
    we mostly use pockets, but are open to anything!
    ~Jessica mommy2mo at yahoo dot com

  45. Rachel
    18lbs and 9 months old
    30lb and 26 months old (wears a diaper at night)
    armywife2120 at yahoo dot com
    we have equal amounts of aio's and pockets

  46. Jennifer
    Girl, 12.5 lbs, 2 1/2 mths
    Snaps are preferred but we also like Aplix
    Pockets, prefolds, and covers

  47. My name is Nicole
    DD#2 is 2 years and 24lbs (only uses diapers night) and DD#3 is almost 4 months and 13.5lbs.

    We use mainly prefolds with OS velcro covers and a few pockets with snaps thrown in there.

    We love snaps but do use some velcro too.

    Thank you for this great opportunity! We would love to be considered.

  48. hi there-- my name is kristen, and i'd love to be a product tester. my son is 5 months, appx. 15 lbs. i'm okay with snaps or hook-and-loop, whichever you'd want me to try. i usually use g diapers and hiney lineys, but i don't know what you'd call those. i like pocket diapers, too. email: kristen.rock at gmail dot com.

  49. Andrea Skoog
    11 months 23 lbs
    andreaskoog at yahoo dot com
    we use an equal amount of AIOs, Pockets, Covers/fitteds
    and prefer SNAPS! (due to the fact I just looked back and saw my son's diap around his ankle lol)

  50. I would LOVE to test! I have tested/reviewed a lot of other products : ) addicted2clothdiapers@hotmail dot com
    I use a lot of AIOs and AI2s and don't prefer one or the other. I like both : ) My son is about 22 pounds. Skinny 16 month old.

  51. Hi, my name is Sarah and I would love to help out. My son is about 25lbs at 11 months. We like snaps and use an equal combination of prefolds with covers and pocket diapers. Thanks!

  52. Still new to cloth diapers and this sounds great!!


    *my son is about 18.5 lbs @ 3.5 months.



    *we use mostly pocket, but have tried prefolds and AI2's.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I have never tested before and would love to try this out on my chunky monkey. I mostly use pockets. My boy is 12 months and 24 pounds. I would love to see how it fits his chubby thighs. Many leave red marks. I will write a thorough review with my honest opinion. I use both aplix and snaps. I do not have a preference.
    dmoretti1967 at

  55. Hi, my name is Jessica and I'd love to be a tester! My son is about 32 pounds. I prefer snaps over aplix, and we use pockets during the day and gDiapers overnight. My email is jessicajordan7 at gmail dot com

  56. Hi, I'm Rachelle and I would absolutely LOVE to test something out for you. :-) My son is 32 lbs at 24 months. I prefer snaps (or possibly padlocks for my escape artist), and love AIO's but use everything.

    My email is ramartin89 at hotmail dot com

  57. Name: Sabreena
    DS: 18 months old & 33 lbs (yes he's both tall and heavy! Lol)

    We use pockets Aios and fitteds.

    I am also Learning to become a photographer and can give you great shots of my little man running around outside in the new product!

  58. Becky
    all snaps
    we use both AIO's and pockets at a 50/50 ratio :)

    Thanks for offering up this opportunity!

  59. Angela Streit
    My son around 13 pounds almost 4 months old

    snap closures. I typically use prefolds since I'm starting out on cloth diapers I'm trying to find the best for our family on him! :)

    You can reach me at

  60. I'd love to test for you. I have a 19 month old girl, weighing 24ish pounds. My 3.5 year old boy is still in diapers overnight. Our current favorite diapers are pockets with snaps.

  61. My daughter is approximately 25 pounds. The majority of diapers we use are snap pockets.

    butterfly1979_ at hotmail dot com

  62. Amanda
    My son is 14 pounds

  63. Tabby
    My son is almost 2yrs old and about 29lbs.
    We use snap or aplix.
    We commonly use prefolds in covers and pockets (at night).
    We would love to test out some products!

  64. That would be so fun! This is Katie (the sparkle mama on fb)
    I have a 24lb girl
    we use 1/2 the time pockets and 1/2 the time gdiapers. I have one of your AIO's.
    We like snaps now that she's a toddler.

  65. I have 2 boys in diapers: 14 month old @ 30 inches/23 lbs and 2 week old @ 20 inches/7.5 lbs.

    We prefer aplix but use both aplix and snaps regularly. Our stash is all pockets and AIOs.

    You can reach me at carolinermarin @

  66. My little boy is about 26 pounds and on the skinny side, this is Megan and I prefer snaps. You can reach me at
    We use mostly pockets but have some prefolds and covers just started using wool covers. I would love to test some products out!

  67. Elizabeth Dauth
    You can Contact me at
    I have a 6month old little boy who weighs in at a hefty 18.12 lbs lol we like aio Pockets with snaps and More than willing to try prefolds or fitted!!

  68. How fun! Thanks for the opportunity for your readers :)
    My daughter is 5 months and about 16 lbs. with chubby little thighs. We have mostly snaps, and a couple of aplix. I'm liking aplix lately so that we can get a good tummy fit since she is a tummy sleeper. No real preference though. My stash is mainly pockets with a fair amount of AIO's as well. Willing to give anything a try!
    Michelle Mussell

  69. Ellen Davila
    Usually use BG pockets, prefer hook/loop but don't mind snaps

    I have a 14lb 6 week old and a 33lb 27 month old :) Both boys.

  70. Kim Hughes
    ecualum03 at gmail dot com

    My daughter is 30 lb and we mostly use one size pockets with Velcro closure. My son is 30 lb and we mostly use one size pockets with snap closure for him.

    I'm interested in trying any kind of diaper. We've been cloth diapering for a little over a month so we haven't ventured into the world of prefolds or fitteds yet :)

  71. Ashley
    -Boy, age 2 1/2, weight 34 pounds
    -I like snaps or aplix, but have mostly snaps.
    -Use mostly pockets, with a couple AIO, and disposables for trips to grandmas or vacations.

    reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com

  72. Jill
    Boy age 15 months weight 25lbs

    we use snaps but will use aplix.

    we have mostly pockets and AI2, with a few fitteds mixed in there.

  73. Andrea

    My little girl is about 11 pounds.

    I love snaps, but I have a few aplix.

    We use mostly prefolds, but I love pockets and some fitteds. We have a heavy wetter for one so little.

    I follow you by email.

  74. OH!! Pick me!
    Baby girl weighs 25lbs
    We use mostly AIO snaps. Have a few velcro but not really a fan!
    I follow your blog

  75. Hi, I'm Dee! :)

    We have a long, skinny 14 month old - 30 inches long, weighing in at 18.5 pounds.
    Most of our stash is AIOs and AI2s, and I'd say we use them about the same amount. We have, and like, both snaps and aplix for different reasons. With our little one getting into the toddler stage we would probably prefer snaps - harder for her to get off! :)

    We follow your blog. Hope to hear back from you! :)

  76. Christina
    Baby is 17 months old 22# and wears prefolds. I prefer aplix

  77. Lori, baby is 28lbs, aplix, and we use AIO's and AI2's the most. Thanks!

  78. Jessica
    28 lb boy
    I have only used snaps so far and I like them but I am open to either.
    We use pockets and prefolds with covers (that is currently all I have)
    I would love the chance to test one of your diapers! Right now, I only have 3 pockets, 2 covers, and 8 prefolds :( This would really help! Thank you for the opportunity!

  79. Tara
    21 lb boy
    taraz9 at excite dot com
    Prefer snaps.
    Most frequently use pockets and AIOs.
    thx for the opportunity!

  80. My name is Jill I have a baby due in 5 weeks, we're not sure if it's a boy or a girl. If you're looking to revamp any newborn or small diapers, we're your people! I am open to aplix or snaps and any kind of diaper, although for newborn size, I'd like to try a fitted, or prefold (I have plenty of covers, but would be willing to try one if you need it) or an AIO especially. I already have plenty of one size diapers, although if you're wanting to see how they go from newborn size up (I have a toddler in one diaper a night), we'd be happy to test one out, as well! I've done product testing before for a couple of different companies, so I know how it works.

  81. I would love to be a tester! My son is 30lbs and I prefer snaps. Currently, I use flats and covers during the day and pockets for nap and night time. My favorite type diaper are AI2, or pockets but I've never tried AIOs.

    Bridgett Z
    princessbridgett at hotmail dot com

  82. Ashley

    6mos Girl at 19lbs

    We use mostly aplix, but I am open to snaps.

    Most frequently used diapers are pockets or fitteds and prefolds and covers.

    We would love to test your products!

  83. My name is Dana, my son is 15 months old and around 22 pounds. We typically use pocket diapers and I prefer snaps but have both. Not sure for how long you would be looking for testers, but I am also due with baby #2 in February. Thanks for considering me, you make great products!

  84. April, son is almost 10 months and around 20 pounds,, I mostly use AIO's but have some of everything, and I really like snaps and aplix equally :-)

  85. my son is 20 months and 23 lbs. long and thin. i also have 4 yo who still has night time accidents (not in diapers but woolies for some protection at night). not sure if that is applicable at all
    we usually use prefolds and pul or wool covers. have also used occasionally pockets, disposables and flats (started years ago with pins, pull on covers, and prefolds!)
    ~ emilie s.
    dangergirl0138 at

  86. Forgot to say prefer snaps would be willing to take aplix
    ~ emilie
    Dangergirl 0138 at

  87. I would LOVE to be a tester!
    My baby is not yet born, I have only OS pocket diapers.
    Would definitely prefer snaps

  88. 17+ lb 6 month old girl
    primarily pockets or fitted but we have some of everything
    prefer snaps

  89. Amy
    beadsidemyself at gmail dot com
    31 lb son
    prefer aplix
    at home I use prefolds and flats, when out I use pockets

  90. Hi my name is Felisha and i would love to be a tester my litle son is about 18 lbs i prefer aplix and i use aio and pockets, i can be reached at Thank You!

  91. Janelle
    18.5 lbs
    janellecprentice (at) gmail (dot) com
    I prefer snaps and use a combo of pockets and prefolds with a cover

  92. Hi! I'm Jen, with a 21 lb skinny 16 mo old busy britches boy! We are new to cloth but loving it thus far. Probably prefer aplix right now b/c it's easy and what we know, but would love to try snaps. We use prefolds/covers and some disposables just b/c that's all we have thus far. Would LOVE the opportunity to try out your products--of ANY type! Thanks so much!

  93. Hi! I'm Jen, with a 21 lb skinny 16 mo old busy britches boy! We are new to cloth but loving it thus far. Probably prefer aplix right now b/c it's easy and what we know, but would love to try snaps. We use prefolds/covers and some disposables just b/c that's all we have thus far. Would LOVE the opportunity to try out your products--of ANY type! Thanks so much!

    jenrice830 (at) gmail (dot) com

  94. Hi, I am Lindsey with a 24lb little girl we use AIO's and Fitteds. We use both snaps and aplix so either would be fine for us.

    I can be reached at mystikmelo (at) aol (dot) com

  95. I am a GFC follower and like you on FB. I would love to test anything for you! I have a baby girl, she weighs 17.5 lbs.; almost 1 yr old. I prefer snaps because se has figured out the velcro. We love Blissful Booty diapers & I also use Knickernappies pocket diapers & Happy Heinys pocket diapers. I do use prefolds with covers (Zookies) at home. Just received some G-diapers too, (the velcro fastens in the back so cant figure that one out). Im willing to test anything you would let me:) Thank you for an awesome opportunity!


  96. I of course would LOVE to try this new product out. As you know, my first diaper was blissful booty & even with my new diaper additions, blissful booty is my most used diaper (because it is guaranteed to work) My little girl now weighs 21 pounds (was checked yesterday) I would love all snaps closures. I agree to send you pictures of this product in use and not to blog about it in any way, unless you decide for me to do so later.

    outofthoughts1 at gmail dot com

  97. Amy
    20 lb boy
    We use both but prefer snaps
    We use pockets and prefolds with covers the most.

  98. Natasha Spencer
    15.5 lb TALL girl
    prefer aplix as it generally provides a better fit for us.. but she's learning to take them off!! I guess we'll have to start wearing pants around here. And by 'we' I mean my daughter.... right? :) lol
    We primarily use fitteds with covers and prefolds with covers along with the few AIOs we own.
    natasha.spencer22 AT

  99. Jennifer
    22lb boy
    jennifer_boardman at comcast dot net
    closure doesnt matter, I use both
    I have been using primarily AIOs, some pockets, and disposables

  100. My name is Kristi Keen.
    I have a 13 month old girl, 17.6 pounds
    kristibelle18 at yahoo dot com
    I like snaps, we mostly use pockets.

  101. Amanda
    25.2 lb girl
    10 1/2 months old
    either snap or aplix will be fine
    First time trying this i usually use fitted disposable diapers.

  102. Larissa
    18 lb girl
    7.5 months
    snap is preference
    I usually use prefolds and covers (since they make most of my stash) but I also like pockets

  103. allison

    ~20 lb baby girl-not quite sure, her next check up is 8-8 for 12 month check up

    i love me some snaps! baby girl is a pro with getting the aplix undone!

    we usually use prefolds and covers, since i only have 1 pocket! :)

    allisonmdodge at gmail dot com

  104. Hello my baby girl is 16 pounds....I love the aplix all in one diapers! I actually have one of the blissful booty all in one diapers that I love! I would so love to be a product tester. I would love to have some more of your diapers too!!!!

  105. We have two in diapers an 18 month old boy that is 22 pounds and very skinny and a 2 and a half year old that is 38 pounds and very chunky.
    I would love to try this diaper as i heard they work great on smaller and bigger kids. I would need snaps.
    I use pockets with microfiber and bamboo inserts and i use covers with prefolds as well

  106. Hi my name is Arianys, my baby girl weights 17lbs. I would love to try AIO snaps. I really want to ditch disposables, but I need something to try on little one to convince her daddy. I am well informed on cloth diapers and I would really love to be a tester, my email is Thanks for the opportunity.

  107. Jillian My son Matix weighs 22 ounds I use pocket diapers most of the time but really am willing to try new things. either aplix or snaps is fine.

  108. My name is Patty. My 3 month old son is a chunky 17 lbs. Right now we mostly use pockets though we're interested in trying other cd options. We use snaps and aplix, so either would be fine!

  109. My name is Heidi - I have a 3 month old baby girl who is 14 lbs and has chubby little thighs and a 27 month old son who is 26 lbs, tall and skinny. We usually use pockets and AIOs and use both aplix or snaps. email is

  110. Hi, my name is Jennifer.

    My baby is 13-1/2 lbs.

    My email is jenniferhughes (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Snaps preferred, but we use aplix, too.

    We mostly use prefolds in PUL covers in the house, and pockets/AIOs for out of the house/overnight.


  111. Hey!
    Would love to test a diaper :)
    I love aplix over snaps usually since I have probably the squirmiest child ever! She is about 19lbs :).
    Email: Katy_hodges (at) hotmail (dot) com

    We LOVE AIO diapers. Love them! I had pockets, but now we are trying to convert our stash!

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. Hello my name is Jill
    I would LOVE to test a diaper!
    Right now we don't have a preference over snaps or aplix as we have just started to cloth diaper. We have only ever used AIO's so far and we love them.
    Also my email is:
    tinyfingerprints at gmail dot com

  114. Kristen

    My son weighs approximately 22 pounds. I've been cloth diapering for 9.5 months. I prefer snaps. I use Flip diapers and pockets.

    Thanks for considering me!

    newmummylove at yahoo dot ca

  115. GFC follower tubbytelly
    32ish pounds
    Love snap covers
    Use mostly disposables but want to stop buying them.

    Thank you!

  116. Hi, I'm a GFC follower (mummytocharis).
    My daughter is 11 months old and is approximately 28-29 lbs. I use prefolds and flats with a cover about 50% of the time and pockets and AIOs the other 50% of the time. The AIOs I have are aplix closure and the pockets that I are snaps. So, I tend not to have a preference of the closure type. Thanks for your consideration.
    My e-mail is mummytocharis (at) yahoo (dot) com

  117. Hiya I have a 15 month old girl Caralyn who is 20 lb. my email is we have the flip system and econobum diapers that are snaps but am more then willing to try different types.

  118. Hello, My name is Carol and I have a 19 month daughter who is about 23 lbs. We recently used BG but due to a sensitivity have had to stop. I would love to be a tester for you and could even talk about the experience on my Mom Blog if you wanted. You can email me at unexpectedhappiness AT comcast DOT net

  119. I would love to be a product tester as I start my cloth diapering journey. Our little one is due any day so I don't have size but will be cloth diapering from day ONE. I currently have a wide variety of CD stash (prefold, flats, covers, pockets, fitteds, and AIOs) in varied brands and fibers. Velcro is best for so many night time changes =) Would love to add your diaper to my personal testing line.
    Amanda Jules -

  120. Hello, my name is Pamela. We have a boy who is 21.5 lbs at 7 months! My email is pamela.koop at gmail dot com. I primarily use and like snaps with pocket diapers but have also used lots of prefolds with covers in phases.Thanks for your consideration!

  121. Testing Group #1:
    Nicole Devon, Becky Hensley, Vashti, Sarah Macon, Crystal Biehl. Please check your email and respond within 24 hours to be included in this phase of testing. Thanks!

  122. Celine
    14lb boy